Terriers. Smart, Determined And Focused. The Terrier Dog Is A Canine Prince

November 13th, 2013

By John E Adams

Terrier Dogs: The History of the Terrier Dog Breed

What do you think of when you think of a terrier? Probably a small, stout dog with perky ears and a round belly, right? Perhaps a friendly dog, a family dog comes to mind when you think of a terrier. However you may picture them, members of the terrier dog breed can look any way.

The category of terrier dogs can fulfill any of a variety of descriptions; terriers are a diverse and interesting breed of dog that fit’s many a niche in the world today.

Miniature Schnauzer, American Pit Bull, and Scottie–surely these are dog breeds that sound familiar to you. These dogs are terrier dogs; they fall into the same category as Yorkshire Terriers (Yorkies), Jack Russell Terriers, Welsh Terriers, and Australian Terriers. While these dogs all have a very different appearance and style, they all fall under the category of the terrier dog breed.

How is that, you ask? Terriers get their name from Terre, or earth-related.

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Their specialty is rooting through the earth and killing rats and other vermin; that is what people have had them for historically. They were mainly born and bred in Britain, taken in as pets and used to kill mice, rats, and other unwanted rodents and vermin.

Some of the big terriers have even been known to be used on hunting trips, for their strength and tenacity but killing rodents is what Terrier dogs are born to do. From here is where the similarities end when it come to these lively, energetic dogs.

What Does a Terrier Look Like?

At this point, a person who doesn’t know much about terriers is probably asking what a terrier looks like. This question is more complicated than the asker could ever know; asking what a terrier looks like is like asking what a person looks like! Terriers come in all shapes and sizes, from toy-sized little guys to massive Bull Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers built for toughness.

Bull Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers are what most people would call pit bulls.

They are built for fighting and beating rough elements and treatment, but they have thinner coats than some of the other terrier dogs. Jack Russell Terriers are also popular; they are little dogs with big personalities and a medium coat. These are great family dogs and they are often used in television commercials and movies because they’re very smart and easily trained.

Yorkshire Terriers are popular terrier dogs as well. They are small and adorable, perfect for people who are looking for a cute pet. They are popular with older people and they have a stylish element in their smallness that makes them a hit with fashionable girls these days.

Terriers are an amazing and diverse group of dog. They make some of the best family dogs out there, even the large pit bull terriers that get a very bad name are some of the most loyal and family oriented dogs on the planet.

Trainable and loving. Terriers make great pets and are immensely popular in American society.

About the Author: Copyright John Adams. Dog Breeds Explained The Terrier breed of dog is loyal, determined and protective. But only for the right owner. Get in-depth advice about Terriers

Terrier Dog Explained




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A Few Before And During Furniture Store Shopping Tips

November 11th, 2013

By Brad Abbott

Getting new furnishings for your abode requires some careful planning. Prior to dropping by a furniture store, there are a few things you need to do first to ensure a smooth transaction. Read on to learn what these are.

See to it that you take accurate measurements of the spot where the items you’re intending to buy will be placed. Write it down on a piece of paper. Getting something which has the wrong size is frustrating. Further, you will have to deal with issues on returning and replacing them. Aside from getting the right size, it’s also necessary that you’re aware which colour and styling will go well with what’s already installed in your home. If you’re clueless, simply ask for the salesperson’s help.

Coming up with a specific budget is another important thing. Make sure you don’t go beyond it. If not, you’ll end up spending more than what you can actually afford. Get a piece of paper and list all the things you’re intending to buy for the day, including their approximate price tags. Doing so will keep you from getting something you don’t really need.

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Time your shopping when you’re free for the entire day. For example, hitting a store after your 9-to-5 job isn’t a good idea. Not only are you already tired, but you also have to constantly rush things because there’s the closing hour you have to beat. Instead, try shopping when you don’t have work, such as during holidays or weekends. If you know you got plenty of time, you can weigh the pros and cons of an item much better, or even go other shops just to find the best deal.

See to it that you have thoroughly inspected the product before paying for it. It’s not unlikely for it to have been used as a display once, so it might have some minor scratches or dents. Check if there are some major defects which can definitely mar your interior’s appearance. Ask the salesperson to give you a new stock in case you find some defects.

Hand the piece of paper where you’ve earlier written some measurements to the salesperson. See to it that he or she carefully measures the item you’re eyeing to ensure accurate figures are obtained. Whenever possible, tag a relative or friend along to help you out. This way, you can always ask someone for an opinion about something you’re considering. Further, he or she can help you decide if you find it hard to choose between two products you like equally.

Give your exact address to make the delivery process as hassle-free as possible. If necessary, make a sketch of the streets to make it easier for them to find your home. Go through every purchase details, including return policies and warranties.

Aside from dropping by a land-based shop, you may also go to a furniture store online. But make sure that the web page you’re visiting is a legitimate business site. Call the indicated number or perform some background check. Make sure you have read the terms and conditions posted on the site to ensure a trouble-free transaction.

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Tips On Starting Online Florist Business

November 11th, 2013

Tips on Starting Online Florist Business


Dpetals Singapore

We all know flowers are beloved of all. Since ages, flowers have been sold, purchased, and gifted on almost every occasion, be it a sad moment or a happy one. In earlier days, people used to pluck flowers from the garden and used to gif to their loved ones. Then the trend of retail florist came up, where people prefer to buy bouquets with beautiful floral arrangements from retail shops. Nowadays, the momentum is swinging towards Online Flower Shopping. Upon seeing the inclination of people for buying the flowers online, several florists are going online. If you too are one among them and want to start up your own florist business at web world, then here are certain tips for you.

Here are certain tips to start an Online Florist business:

1)You should have the in-depth knowledge and experience about arranging flowers. If you are keen to venture into this business, then you can take knowledge by surfing the internet. Its better if you explore different articles, blogs upon commencing online business as well as about flower selling, then you might get a better idea of how it is done. You can also browse the websites of competitors to analyze what pattern they have adopted.

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2)Choose an attractive name for your website. Your business name should be similar with the service you going to provide. So, if you are dealing with florets, & floral arrangements, then you should choose a name similar to it. Also, there are several sites, which sell domain; you can choose a good domain name & register it for your online business.

3)Website Designing. Next step comes to be website designing. Make sure if you don t know how to design or program a website, then you must hire professional to do that for you. The website must be attractive & user friendly. You must work upon the pictures of florets, floral arrangement, & other offerings along with the attractive & SEO friendly content. For better representation of the pictures, you must also arrange for product photography facility that would aptly represent your products. Rest, pay proper attention on web designing & development for giving better online flower shopping experience to your customers. Put your SEO knowledge to popularize your business. SEO assures the good ranking of your business on Google, & other search engine sites and make it searchable easily.

4)Look for the delivery services to delivers the Flowers. Make sure that your flowers are delivered on time to the recipient s doorstep. Make new connections & better networks for assuring in-time delivery to the customers. Don t let the buyer or customer keep waiting for the delivery. Always deliver fresh flowers. If you want to be a reputed Online Florist then always assure the availability of stock according to the needs of buyers.

5)Advertise your business. Advertising your site is the most essential part. You can put your business to various Social Networking Sites like. Twitter, Face book, Linkdin Make Google+ Pages. Write article about your business. Do Article Submission, Directories online.

If you do not advertise your Flower Shop, you might loose on the business.

All the very best with your new Florist Online Business .

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online florist

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Personal Trainer Victoria, Bc

November 5th, 2013

Personal Trainer Victoria, BC


Fitness Victoria

13 Tell-Tail Signs You Should Consider a Different Victoria Personal Trainer:

1.They are boring and have no energy. Energy and passion is important for keeping you motivated and getting you results.

2.They are out of shape. If they don’t walk the talk, I’d be worried.

3.They spend the whole session checking themselves out in the mirror. Egos have no place during your session when you’re paying them.

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4.They charge under $40 for a one on one session. Don’t trust your health to a “bargain” trainer, there is probably a reason.

5.They are always late (even 5 minutes), you are paying them well and it is a courtesy to be on time.

6.They ever say “Walk it off” or some variation when someone hurts themselves. Injuries are serious and a professional personal trainer should know this.

7.They count every rep. You don’t need someone to count for you. You need someone to correct your form, get you results, etc.

8.They seem more focused on what they think your goals should be than what your goals actually are.

9.They don’t ask you what your goals are before designing a program.

10.They don’t get you to fill out a PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionairre). Or, don’t make you check with your doctor before they train you if your answers warrant it.

11.They don’t ask you about any past injuries.

12.They do not have reputable certification (as discussed earlier)

13.They can’t provide a minimum of 2 references or testimonials from past clients (as discussed earlier)

Victoria, BC has an absolutely massive number of personal trainers, personal training businesses, fitness centres, gyms and boot camps to choose from. This can make selecting the right personal trainer very difficult. Follow these “13 Tell-Tail Signs You Should Consider a Different Victoria Personal Trainer” and you’ll be well on your way!

Rob Green is a fitness industry expert and has worked with many of Victoria’s premier fitness providers, boot camps and personal trainers. He regularly contributes articles and ebooks designed to educate consumers on how to protect themselves when choosing a Victoria personal trainer or personal training company. He has recently released the “Fitness Buyer’s Guide for Victoria, BC” and it is available free at:


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Colon Cleanse 5 Tips For Colon Cleansing At Home

November 5th, 2013

By Wong Darren

There are many colon cleansing procedures that you can have done in clinics or laboratories and these usually involve some type of medical equipment. But if you are uncomfortable with the idea of other people poking and prodding your body, there are colon cleansing methods that you can do yourself within the comforts of your home.

1. Colon Cleansing Using Herbs

Herbs are very effective in keeping your colon clean. Some take herbs in supplement form, drink them as teas or powder versions while others make their own mixture of herbs as part of their cleansing regimen. Fiber-rich herbs are popular options since fiber has been known to be effective at getting rid of harmful toxins.

Flax seeds increase intestinal volume and this is good for your colon because increased volume means a higher occurrence of what is called peristaltic motion. Peristaltic motion is the movement of intestinal muscles and this initiates the passage of bowels along the colon.

Psyllium is also a popular colon cleansing herb. It has laxative properties that promote the elimination of bowels and act as a sponge, attracting waste material then flushing it out of your system.

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2. Fasting Using Vegetable or Fruit Juices

Fasting to cleanse the colon usually involves the use of vegetable or fruit juices. It is best to use freshly squeezed juices but if you do not have time to prepare these, you can use pre-packaged juice as long as it is completely organic. Fasting not only helps clean the colon, it also promotes overall health. It helps other body organs such as the liver and kidneys eliminate toxins.

It is beneficial to your digestive system as well since fruits and vegetables are easy to digest. This gives your system the opportunity to rest and it can even boost up energy levels. Fasting also destroys toxins which make them easier to flush out of our system. Before going on a fast, remember to consult a doctor to be extra safe.

3. Using Probiotics

Probiotics are supplements that help replenish the bodys supply of helpful bacteria. They also help kill harmful bacteria and parasites, and prevent them from breeding further inside the intestines. You can get your daily source of probiotics from garlic, bananas and onions. They can also be taken in supplement form but make sure to get your supply from a reliable source as some brands are on inferior quality.

4. Enemas

You can also use a home enema kit for your colon cleansing needs although many people do not like this method as it can get quite uncomfortable. When you do a self enema, you insert a tube inside your anus and use warm water to flush out waste matter inside your body. Standard home enema kits usually come with an enema can, some sterilized catheters and an enema nozzle.

5. Colon Cleansing Recipes

If none of the methods mentioned above appeal to you, you could try creating your own mixture for cleansing. These recipes are usually very easy to prepare and contain ingredients that you can buy in most grocery stores or supermarkets. Make sure you get recipes from credible sources and to follow the instructions to the letter.

About the Author: For more informaion, kindly visit

Colon Cleansing

. Related articles:

Are You a Candidate for Colon Cleansing?


Colon Cleanse Options – The Different Methods of Colon Cleansing




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Online Office Furniture Stores The Convenient Way To Shop!

October 29th, 2013

Online Office Furniture Stores – The Convenient Way to Shop!



The right furniture can take any boring room from drab to fab in no time! And this golden rule works just as well for workplaces too, even more so in today\’s cutthroat business world, where making the right impression is absolutely essential. \’Old school\’ and \’practical\’ or \’stylish\’ and \’modern\’, the furniture you choose to fill your workplace with, can make all the difference in correctly projecting the values your company stands for. Well-chosen furniture can add accents of elegance or that much needed pop of colour to even dreary offices. Of course, choosing the right furniture such as ergonomic office chairs and sturdy office tables is also essential for providing optimum work space, comfortable postures and correct working angle to your employees. Needless to say, any business or organisation would love to have furniture that fulfills all these three criteria project the right professional values, add a dash of style and offer functionality, comfort and support to employees.

Once the necessary furniture characteristics have been chosen and jotted down; next comes the task of actually going out and sourcing the ideal office furniture. While the process of selecting the features and specifications may not be such a challenge, finding a suitable office furniture store that caters to all these varied needs is definitely hard work. This is where, online office furniture stores clearly win over brick and mortar retailers and suppliers. As e-commerce portals are not bound by the limitations of retail space, they usually stock 100 times the number of products than found in even big retail stores, giving customers the luxury to browse through a practically infinite number of options and select those that best suit their requirements. Secondly, as e-commerce office furniture stores don\’t need to invest in expensive retail real estate and bear the overhead costs associated with it, they can further lower costs and sell to customers at an even lower price.

YouTube Preview Image

Moreover, most online furniture stores offer value-added services like multiple payment options, free delivery, free return policies, order tracking facility and dedicated customer support to further assist customers in the buying process. So, all that customers need to do is log on, browse, select, add to cart and proceed with choosing a suitable payment option and their chosen products are delivered right at their doorsteps. Thus, e-commerce portals have definitely put an end to the hassles of visiting multiple vendors for different office furniture needs and haggling over prices, thereby making the shopping experience as convenient and stress-free as possible.

OfficeYes.com, India\’s leading e-commerce portal dealing with

Office Furniture

, Offices Supplies and stationery. You can find some nice styles of office chairs at OfficeYes\’s Online

Office Furniture Stores

for a fraction of the cost. It is good to take time and look for good furniture to use in your office.

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Lever Grip Less Seated Crunch A Great Resistance Training Exercise To Work Your Abdominal Muscles

October 27th, 2013

By Guy Long

Resistance training exercises along with cardio workouts make a perfect combination to incorporate into your daily routine to shed those extra pounds that you have added to your body over the years. Resistance training workouts help you to tone and strengthen your muscles, while cardio exercises help to reduce fat contents in your body. It makes a good idea that you perform gym workouts 30-50 minutes, 3-5 days a week and perform cardio exercises in rest of the days.

If you are a beginner, then make sure that your perform resistance training exercises in the supervision of a qualified gym trainer to reap maximum benefits from those magnificent workouts. Not only does a gym trainer help you to include a right combination of resistance training exercises in your regular training sessions, but he or she also guides you on how to perform them safely. Moreover, a personal trainer will design you a perfect diet and supplement plan keeping in view your training needs, age group and fitness level.

Most people join a gym to reduce their bulging waistlines and protruding butts. In order to shed extra fat from belly area, they look for an effective and low-impact abdominal workout that is simple to execute as well. For such people, the lever grip-less seated crunch makes a wonderful exercise that helps them get their desired results extremely quickly. This fabulous resistance training exercise targets the abdominal muscle group and is executed on an abdominal muscle lever machine that is found at most of the modern gyms.

YouTube Preview Image

In order to start this exercise, sit down on the lever machine and make adjustments keeping in view your physique and training requirements. Make sure that you align the padded lever with your shoulders before starting this exercise. Next step is to place your feet firmly on the floor and put your arms over the padded lever. Make sure that your shoulders make a 90 degree angle to your body. It is important that you maintain this position throughout the exercise to get maximum benefits from this great abs workout.

Next step is to transform your body into a C shape by bending at the waist slowly and moving your elbows towards the direction of the floor. Make sure that you bend your body slowly to put the maximum stress on your abs muscles, thus making them to work hard. Maintain this position for a while and then return to the starting position by lifting your upper body back and extending your waist. It is a good idea to perform 3 sets of 10 reps each, using slow and controlled movements.

When performing this exercise, make sure that your chest maintains its contact with the padded lever. Moreover, it is important that you keep your shoulders at a 90 degree angle to get the maximum benefits from this exercise. It is also important to keep in your mind that the effectiveness of lever grip-less seated crunch can be determined with the amount of stress you feel in your abdominal area while performing this exercise.

About the Author: Guy Long is a

Fitness Trainer in Prahran

and runs

Gyms in St.Kilda

where he specializes in resistance training, body transformation, weight control, and overall muscular strength for local residents.



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New Design Of Nike Air Max Running Shoes Designer Air Max Ltd Shoes

October 26th, 2013

New Design Of Nike AirMax Running Shoes-Designer Air Max LTD Shoes



Today, Nike Air Max shoes are the top-selling goods in the whole world. There are several kinds of the series, including Air Max 90, Air Max 95, Air Max 2010, Air Max skyline, Nike Air Max LTD, Nike Air Max classic BW, and so on. All of them are very popular in the sports field.

Nike Air Max LTD came into the market in 2002. The simple fashion attracted more persons’ attention in a short time. The series of the shoes are a collector’s favourite sports footwear, which are still popular in the market till now. If you wear the longer and more comfortable shoes, you will have a better performance in your field. Nowadays, in order to meet people’s requirements, Nike Air Max LTD has launched two generations.

For instance, Nike Air Max LTD women shoes white/pink/golden. It is the relaxing color combination. Based on the white pattern and the pink nike logo, it has some golden element on the surface that gives persons an energetic feeling, like bathing in sunshine. When your wear it, you can have a comfortable journey. It will also let you feel that you are growing taller, due to the thick sole of the footwear. The good rubber will provide great cushion to the runners. Of course, other kinds of the famous brand shoes have the features, too.

YouTube Preview Image

While, there is something different.

Designer Air Max LTD

shoes are the new style of the Nike shoes. They are the return of cultural shoes. The kind of shoes increased the thickness of the cushion that can play a better stabilization effect. The main feature is that it has more succinct designer, which can attract more persons’ attention.

In the past, it is very difficult to find Nike Air Max designer shoes. But now it is very easy. There are lots of online wholesalers and retailers offering

cheap Air Max shoes

, new style Air Max shoes, retro, large-sized, on-sale,

women Air Max designer shoes

, cheap men Air Max shoes, and children’s Air Max shoes made in China. Of course, perhaps there are any other kinds of discount shoes you are searching.

When you are going to buy designer Nike shoes online, you must choose a reliable stores. Therefore, we have no need to worry about the quality of the shoes. Reviewing the buyers’ comments to judge the shop is trustworthy or not. If you buy wrong things, it will be very trouble and uneconomical to change your goods or refund your money.

Jenny Eyer operates an on-line store that specializes in designer

discount Nike Air Max shoes

. There are various kinds of Nike Air Max shoes, you can choose the favourite one. Designer Nike Air Max 90,

cheap Nike Air Max TN

, and so on.

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What Is Online Advertising?

October 26th, 2013

What Is Online Advertising?



Online Advertising or Digital Advertising refers to advertising done via the internet. With businesses rapidly shifting towards online markets, Online Advertising has become an important aspect of marketing (or Online Marketing to be more exact). The simple fact of the matter is that a company s website will serve no purpose if it cannot be brought to the notice of the online users. And considering that online sales have seen whopping increases worldwide, Online Advertisements play an important role. Online sales are slated to keep increasing as more and more buyers shift away from the conventional markets. According to reports by IBIS World Research, online revenues will increase by around 8.6% in the next 5 years.

Reasons for Shifting To Online Markets

Buying a product or service online is far more convenient than buying it from a store. The absences of long queues, the comfort of buying from home, cashless deals, simpler and faster return policies are just a few of the common advantages. The initial paranoia over buying online has long disappeared with the introduction of safe gateways for online transactions and the increase in online stores. Almost all the products and services are available online now and can be easily ordered or availed. Another important advantage of

online marketing

is that it is a global platform.

YouTube Preview Image

Types of Online Advertising

The types of Online Advertising broadly include Mobile and Internet Advertising.

Internet Advertising

utilizes various platforms offered by the internet while Mobile Advertising utilizes the value added services of network providers. However, with mobile users using internet on their mobiles, these differences have become blurred.

How Does Online Advertising Work?

The motive of advertising on the internet is same as any other advertisement. It is only in the modus operandi that it varies. Instead of placing their ads on the hoardings or the TV,

Digital Advertisements

are placed on the internet. In the initial period, buying a space on a popular or relevant website was the only option available. With the development of technology and the introduction of Ad Servers, these Ads can now be automatically placed on the relevant sites. Furthermore, calculations like which Ads to display and how many times to display them are done by the Ad Servers. As the search engines can keep a track on the websites visited by a user and thus know his preferences, Ads can be targeted at the relevant segments. For example, if a user is a regular visitor of fashion sites, Ads of fashion products and services are targeted at him. It is also possible to track a person s whereabouts using the GPS on his mobile or laptop. Thus, if he is near a restaurant during lunch hour, Ads of the restaurant can be sent to him via the internet. Based on such information of a user s preferences and his location, new-age methods can also find out if two different devices belong to the same user, even when they are not connected to each other. Though some believe it to be an infringement of privacy, it helps ensure that only relevant Ads are displayed to the user, ensuring benefits for both the user and the advertised product or service.

Since Online Advertisements require expert attention to be effective, companies prefer to hire the services of Online Advertisers. Online Advertisers take complete care in ensuring that the online presence of the clients websites is maintained.

MAD-The most leading

online marketing

agency which helps you to promote your business through

Mobile advertising

, Internet advertising, Digital advertising etc. MAD is the largest Web advertising and

Banner advertising

agency in India.

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Costume Contact Lenses Be Noticed In The Crowd!

October 25th, 2013

By Tanya Turner

Costume contacts have always been a favorite tool of movie costume designers. What makes a werewolf appear like a real monster and not just an actor in a costume? The eyes, of course! The eyes make the entire image seem real and very believable.

But the days when theatrical lenses were available only to movie stars are long gone. Now everybody can get a pair of costume contacts that makes their eyes appear bright and inhuman. The only limit is your imagination.

Many people think of theatrical contact lenses only at Halloween time. But there is no reason why you can’t wear them just for going out to the club. If your eyes look like you just came back from Dune, you can be sure that your appearance won’t go unnoticed.

What are my choices?

There are many costume lenses on the market; the most popular brands are Crazy Lenses, by Cooper Vision, and Wild Eyes, by CibaVision. Both Crazy Lenses and WildEyes offer bright, exciting designs. Their lenses are also comfortable and affordable.

If you type ‘costume contact lenses’ into a Google or Yahoo search, many different collections will show up. Some of them offer a great look for a reasonable price. However, you should always bear in mind that most paints are toxic; so some of the lenses on offer might seem beautiful, but the could also irritate your eyes. It is always best to go with costume contacts produced by major contact lens manufacturers.

And for a particularly magnificent effect, you can get scleral contacts. Unlike ordinary color contact lenses, sclerals cover not only the colored part of your eye, but the entire visible portion of your eye. Sclerals create a knock-out effect. The only draw back with scleral contacts is that they are awfully expensive.

You can also get custom-made costume lenses. This way, you can be sure that nobody would have eyes like yours, and you can have any design imaginable.

YouTube Preview Image

You can see pictures and reviews of different costume contact lens collections at www.1-contact-lenses-consumer-guide.com/costume-contact-lenses.html

Do I need a prescription for costume contact lenses?

Most brand name costume contacts come in Plano (no vision correction) as well as with corrective powers. And whether or not you need visual correction, you should ask your eye doctor to fit costume lenses for you. Even if you have perfect vision, it is best to see an optometrist first.

Can I see while wearing theatrical contacts?

Yes, you can. Even though the lens is completely opaque, its center is clear so you can see. The only exceptions are white-out contacts, which create the effect of blind eyes. In this case, the entire lens is fully opaque so, unless you want to find out how it is to be blind, you should wear a white-out contact lens in one eye only.

Are costume contacts safe?

There are many FDA warnings about the dangers of costume lenses, although the lenses themselves are usually not to blame. Unfortunately, some people wear their costume contacts for several days straight, or put them in without washing their hands first, or swap the lenses with their friends, and then blame the theatrical contacts when they get an eye infection.

The truth is that if you get reputable brand name costume lenses and take proper care of them, costume contacts are as safe as any other type of contact lens.

Here are 5 simple rules, to keep costume contact lenses safe:

Don’t wear your costume contacts for longer than a few hours

Don’t swap them with other people

Order your lenses from your doctor’s office or a reputable online retailer. Contacts sold in costume shops or flea markets might be of questionable quality

Have an optometrist fit you with theatrical contacts

Clean your costume lenses properly

How do I take care of my costume lenses?

Novelty contact lenses don’t require any special care; you simply treat them the same way as you would treat any contact lenses.

All you need is a multi-purpose solution and a contact lens case, which you can get in any chemist shop. Rinse your lenses in the solution before inserting them in your eyes, and don’t forget to wash your hands before handling the lenses.

When you’re not using your costume lenses, keep them in the solution, in their case. It is recommended that you change the solution at least once a week, if you don’t use them for long periods of time. But who would bother? If you have to wear contacts that have spent a month or so in their case, just give them a double rinse in fresh solution.

About the Author: Tanya Turner is a contact lens expert and a founder of


where you can find unbiased information about all types of contact lenses, including costume Halloween contacts with reviews and pictures.



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